Enjoy hitting the Pinata Hunter 3

If you are looking for a fun game to let time pass without the hardship of thinking strategies or solutions, Pinata Hunter 3 will surely serve the purpose. Your goal is to collect as many candies as possible using your bag or container while hitting the piñata. Just like in the party game, you aim to break the piñata for the candies inside it. In this flash game, it is not that easy to break the piñata. But while hitting it, candies are going out of it.


And once you break the piñata, another one – stronger and better – will take its place. Use the candy values to upgrade your bag, weapon, skills (power, value of candies and accuracy) and gloves. Pinata Hunter games are addicting even though they are simple and even children can play them. Pinata Hunter 3 gives more upgrades and game features.



H1Z1 Forces Cheaters To Publicly Apologize

H1Z1 might sound like a space ketchup, but it’s an open-world crafting MMO with zombies, because there aren’t enough of those right now. And like every massively multiplayer game that has ever been released, players instantly found exploits, cheats, and loopholes. They were shooting through walls, becoming invincible, and getting unlimited ammo — which made it decidedly unfun for the people not doing that.


Unsurprisingly, the developers banned everyone using these exploits (it was faster than fixing them). In total, 30,000 players were banned, which means their community manager was deadlier to the world’s population than all the zombies put together. Some of the players obviously wanted to come back, and the head developer took to Twitter to say he would let them play again on one condition:


Yep, all you have to do is just say sorry and you’ll be let back in. And, for some reason, it had to be a video apology — everyone knows email apologies can be faked. It seems needlessly complicated, but still not much of a hassle. Except maybe for the person sincerity-checking tens of thousands of YouTube apology videos. Well, luckily, only three people made a video. The other 29,997 people presumably played one of the 50 games exactly like it, not lorded over by a tyrant.

The few videos complained about the money they had spent and justified their cheating by saying everyone else was doing it. It’s a weak excuse in the real world, and maybe just as weak inside a fake zombie one. Still, it was the same thing every banned player was saying: “Only a chump plays it straight in a bent world.” They were so unapologetic and pathetic you almost wanted to side with the guy who took their video games away. That changed quickly.


The developers had no sympathy for the cheaters and actually uploaded a video of their own, mocking all the shitty excuses they were given.

The point is, this story has no winners. A poorly made game was exploited by poorly made humans and now everyone hates each other. Not everything has a happy ending.


Enjoy Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco

Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco is a great online game which is available online for you and you will have lots of fun by playing this great game. It is a stunt plane flying game which is available online for you and it will give you lots of fun.


The game is available for free onfrancisco/ and you can enjoy it free.
Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco is the game where you will see the landscape of San Francisco. If you want to fly your plane on the sky of San Francisco you should play the game and you will enjoy it a lot.


The game has really very good graphical view and when you will play this game you will be pleased. The concept of it is very unique and it will make your time very funny. Whenever you want you can start playing this game and it is going to make your time really very enjoyable and thrilling.


Action Game-Assault C 2

Assault C 2 is a wonderful game which is a free one and you can have awesome time with it. In the action game you are going to have awesome time. You have to kill the enemies and for that you have to smash all the enemies.

Assault C 2 is real action game that you should play to have fun. The quality and the action style of the game are beyond of any description. You can’t image how awesome the action of the game. If you love to play action games you can try this one and you can have the most exciting time with it.


The game quality is awesome and you can have awesome time with it. The game has great graphical view and you can have awesome time with the game. Whenever you want you can play the online game you can. Why are you waiting for? It is high time for you that you can play this online game and you will get fun.


Be A Hot Dog Seller-Hot Dog Bush 2

Hot Dog Bush 2 is another new installment of the series where your task is to sale the maximum hot dogs. You have to satisfy the customers and for that you have to sale the hot dogs properly which is really hard task. Play it online and enjoy the time.

Hot Dog Bush 2 is quite interesting game and you can have awesome time with it. You have to sale all the hot dogs to the customers and for that you have to prepare the hot dogs within time. You have to satisfy the customers because they are not willing to wait for a long time so you have to serve the customers in time. The game is quite interesting and you can have excellent time with this game. Whenever you want to play this game you can try it and you will get awesome time with this wonderful game.


Transmorpher 2-Help The Aliens

Transmorpher 2 is a wonderful game and here your duty is to help the aliens go out from the lab and reach to a safe place. There are three aliens and each has some qualities. You have to help them so that they can get out from the lab and reach to their world.

Transmorpher 2 is very exciting and taking the aliens out is difficult. You have to use the abilities of the aliens to take them out. There are some weapons also that you may use if needed. It is a very challenging game because the aliens are not aware about the world and they don’t know how to live in this world.


You have to take the opportunity and help them to go out and reach to the safe place. You can use the mouse to move the aliens and take them to the safe place quickly.


Vehicles 2 Level Pack-Amazing Game to Play

Vehicles 2 Level Pack is a great game where your duty is to move the vehicle and park it to the right position. The platforms are moving and you will have to play it very carefully so that you can win it. The game is very high quality one and you can have the best time.

Vehicles 2 Level Pack is a nice game where you have to pack the vehicle at the right place and you must avoid the obstacles. The game is available online for free and you can have the best time with it. The game quality is really good and it will help you to get the fun of parking car. The graphical view of the game is very high and you will enjoy it a lot. It is a free game and you will have the best time with this free online game. Play the game right now and have the fun.