Enjoy hitting the Pinata Hunter 3

If you are looking for a fun game to let time pass without the hardship of thinking strategies or solutions, Pinata Hunter 3 will surely serve the purpose. Your goal is to collect as many candies as possible using your bag or container while hitting the piñata. Just like in the party game, you aim to break the piñata for the candies inside it. In this flash game, it is not that easy to break the piñata. But while hitting it, candies are going out of it.


And once you break the piñata, another one – stronger and better – will take its place. Use the candy values to upgrade your bag, weapon, skills (power, value of candies and accuracy) and gloves. Pinata Hunter games are addicting even though they are simple and even children can play them. Pinata Hunter 3 gives more upgrades and game features.



Friday Fun: Roadkill Revenge

Are you ready for some stress relief after a long week at work? Then get ready to hit the road with this week’s game and help these animals dish out some well earned revenge for the death of their rabbit friend.

Roadkill Revenge
When their rabbit friend is callously killed by a human in a car, these three animals decide that it is time for some payback. If they succeed in their mission the tables will be turned and it is the humans who will become roadkill instead of their friends.

The object of the game is to cause as much destruction as possible using your custom made car to crash into and through traffic and/or buildings.

here are forty-five levels of game play, so you will definitely be busy for a bit. As you progress through the different levels you will notice that the two dots beneath each level selection square will be green and/or red. This denotes successful completion or failure to accomplish the individual bonus goals for each level.


At the beginning of each level you will be shown the goal and bonus challenges for that particular level. Click Start when you are ready to begin…

Once you enter a level there will be a greenish-yellow “launching area” outlined in red located somewhere within the screen (varies from level to level). Move your car to the desired location within this area and left click with your mouse to prepare the car for launch.


When the traffic comes to a complete standstill you will be presented with the results for the level. As you can see we successfully completed one of the bonus challenges but not the other. If you are unsatisfied with your results for a given level you can immediately replay it.


Note: If for some reason you are unsuccessful in passing a level you will be presented with the opportunity to skip it after three failed attempts.


Street Fighter V’s Rainbow Mika: A Force for Women in Games?

In fact, barring some appearances in the Udon Street Fighter comic, Street Fighter V is R. Mika’s only other outing of note since her first time out. Her new trailer has prompted less discussion of her origins, though, and more tongue-wagging about her looks, mostly along the lines of, “Wow, her outfit sure is something, isn’t it?” Indeed, it’s hard to look at R. Mika without wondering how her assets avoid spilling out of her costume. Every match she undertakes is a three-on-one.


Despite her mind-boggling proportions and physics-defying costume, I’m glad to see that R. Mika is rarin’ to go for Street Fighter V. Much as I like Cammy and Chun-Li, we all just need an occasional reminder that there are other women Street Fighters out there, and some of them forego punches and kicks in favor of grappling and throws. And who needs projectiles like the Kikoken when you’re capable of propelling yourself butt-first into a foe?

The manner in which women tend to be represented in games is a complicated, multi-faceted topic that’s always guaranteed to bring people’s opinions boiling to the surface. As a lifelong game player who happens to be of the female persuasion, these discussions (even the heated ones!) mean a lot to me. I want to see more representation for my gender in games. I also want better representation.

“‘Better representation?'” you parrot. “Then how can you like R. Mika? She’s total cheesecake material.”


I am but one lass, and I can’t speak for my gender as a whole. But I can say that I have nothing against, er, voluptuous women in games. Or even scantily-clad women. My problem has always been women characters whom I’m expected to take seriously while they slay dragons/wander the desert/travel the frozen wastes while baring their midriff through the majority of their journey.

Not all women are interested in fashion or accessorizing. But contrary to what some games want us to believe, most women above the age of three are capable of dressing themselves to suit their environment. Even a little girl who insists on wearing a princess tiara coupled with monster truck boots will put on a jacket before going outside in a snowstorm.

“So why does R. Mika get a pass?”


Because her whole schtick is silly, goofy, and way over-the-top — all stuff you’d expect from someone working in “sports entertainment.” Mainstream wrestling is a profession that’s full of gimmicks, weird promos, and chairs meeting heads. Even male wrestlers outfit themselves in stupid costumes and show up on television framed in pin-up moments.

In fact, believe it or not, R. Mika’s representation is better than what most women wrestlers (“Divas”) are subject to in the WWE. Though the entertainment empire’s female roster has gradually garnered greater respect and recognition in the House of McMahon, R. Mika is still miles ahead in many ways.

Look at her Street Fighter V art, for instance. Is it gratuitous? Absolutely! But at least it shows off the fact R. Mika has meat on her bones, and when you’re throwing around other people — and getting thrown around yourself — you want to have some padding. By contrast, watching a WWE Diva’s exposed hip bones hit the mat makes me cringe every time.
In the same vein, the storylines featuring these women tend to involve a lot of back-stabbing, cattiness, put-downs, and other “character traits” chiseled out of the old/untrue trope about women hating each other. All that bad blood translates to a lot of shrieking, screaming, and crying in the ring.

R. Mika’s having none of that. She left school determined to train and become a wrestler, and by golly, she enjoys what she does. Even the reveal trailer has a lot of laughing, smiling, and all-important butt-flinging. She has muscle, and the act of using it makes her as happy as a kitten in a yarn shop
Admittedly, I haven’t mastered R. Mika’s move set, so I don’t know how much I’ll get to play of her in Street Fighter V. But wrestling isn’t necessarily about getting involved. For most of us, it’s about watching the performance on-stage.

…I’m still not sure how she avoids chronic wardrobe malfunctions, though. Starched costume? Clear tape? Crazy glue? I need to think on this


Strike Force Heroes 1

Strike Force Heroes 1 is a great game that can be played by anyone who likes to play action games. The game possesses good quality graphics. The gameplay is also impressive. The game can be played over the internet free of cost. Do not click here if you do not wish to play the game right now.


The game is not a bit boring and you can go on playing the game for hours. It is a shooting game so mostly you will only have to target your enemies and shoot them. However, simply pointing and shooting will not be enough to win this game. The enemies will be very powerful. You will have to be very tactful while dealing with them. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of soldiers. Each class of soldier is different from the other in many ways. You can pick out any soldier you want.


Train Duck Well in Duck Life 6

Duck Life 6 is a different racing game where you are going to train a duck and you have to help him to win the races. You have to train the character at the beginning of the game so that it can win the races easily. There are some other players also and you have to beat them. Find the game here http://www.ducklife6.org.

Duck Life 6 is very interesting and very impressive game to play. You must be able to help the duck properly by giving proper training so that it can easily win the races. It is highly expected that you will train the duck perfectly so that it can win the races. The duck already knows how to run very fast but as it can’t control his body he can’t win the races. If you can help him to balance the body by giving proper training he will be able to win the game very easily.


Pencil Racer-Draw Own Path

Pencil Racer is an online game that is completely free and it is going to give you lots of fun and of course you will like this creative game. In this online game your aim is to draw the path and take the vehicle to its destination.

Pencil Racer is very creative game as you have to show your creativity here to draw the path and reach to your goal. If you draw the path improperly the vehicle might clash with the obstacles and you are going to lose the game. You can play it online whenever you want and obviously you will love this game. The graphical view of this game is very pleasing and it is really great to play. You should take the opportunity and enjoy this game as much as you want. Play the game right now and let your friends know about this wonderful game.


Skywire Games

Skywire Games are available online for free and you can have lots of fun by playing these games. There are several installments of this game and all are available for free here


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