Dark Souls



The third entry in the Dark Souls series is almost upon us and fans are eagerly awaiting the moment on Monday night/Tuesday morning when they can press that beautiful “Play” button. But before fans can do that, they’ll need to pre-load the game and stare at it until it releases on Tuesday.


Some keen eyes have spotted Dark Souls 3’s install size on Steam which points to it being roughly 17 GB’s meaning fans will be able to pre-load the game before April 12th so they can start screaming and punching holes in walls the second the game releases!

In other Dark Souls news, Bandai Namco revealed a Dark Souls clothing line today. Yeah… so that’s a thing. Dark Souls 3 releases on April 12th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC and you can read our review here


Strike Force Heroes 1

Strike Force Heroes 1 is a great game that can be played by anyone who likes to play action games. The game possesses good quality graphics. The gameplay is also impressive. The game can be played over the internet free of cost. Do not click here if you do not wish to play the game right now.


The game is not a bit boring and you can go on playing the game for hours. It is a shooting game so mostly you will only have to target your enemies and shoot them. However, simply pointing and shooting will not be enough to win this game. The enemies will be very powerful. You will have to be very tactful while dealing with them. You have the freedom to choose from a variety of soldiers. Each class of soldier is different from the other in many ways. You can pick out any soldier you want.


Enjoy Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco

Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco is a great online game which is available online for you and you will have lots of fun by playing this great game. It is a stunt plane flying game which is available online for you and it will give you lots of fun.


The game is available for free onfrancisco/ and you can enjoy it free.
Stunt Pilot 2 San Francisco is the game where you will see the landscape of San Francisco. If you want to fly your plane on the sky of San Francisco you should play the game and you will enjoy it a lot.


The game has really very good graphical view and when you will play this game you will be pleased. The concept of it is very unique and it will make your time very funny. Whenever you want you can start playing this game and it is going to make your time really very enjoyable and thrilling.


Train Duck Well in Duck Life 6

Duck Life 6 is a different racing game where you are going to train a duck and you have to help him to win the races. You have to train the character at the beginning of the game so that it can win the races easily. There are some other players also and you have to beat them. Find the game here http://www.ducklife6.org.

Duck Life 6 is very interesting and very impressive game to play. You must be able to help the duck properly by giving proper training so that it can easily win the races. It is highly expected that you will train the duck perfectly so that it can win the races. The duck already knows how to run very fast but as it can’t control his body he can’t win the races. If you can help him to balance the body by giving proper training he will be able to win the game very easily.


Action Game-Assault C 2

Assault C 2 is a wonderful game which is a free one and you can have awesome time with it. In the action game you are going to have awesome time. You have to kill the enemies and for that you have to smash all the enemies.

Assault C 2 is real action game that you should play to have fun. The quality and the action style of the game are beyond of any description. You can’t image how awesome the action of the game. If you love to play action games you can try this one and you can have the most exciting time with it.


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Be A Hot Dog Seller-Hot Dog Bush 2

Hot Dog Bush 2 is another new installment of the series where your task is to sale the maximum hot dogs. You have to satisfy the customers and for that you have to sale the hot dogs properly which is really hard task. Play it online and enjoy the time.

Hot Dog Bush 2 is quite interesting game and you can have awesome time with it. You have to sale all the hot dogs to the customers and for that you have to prepare the hot dogs within time. You have to satisfy the customers because they are not willing to wait for a long time so you have to serve the customers in time. The game is quite interesting and you can have excellent time with this game. Whenever you want to play this game you can try it and you will get awesome time with this wonderful game.


Pencil Racer-Draw Own Path

Pencil Racer is an online game that is completely free and it is going to give you lots of fun and of course you will like this creative game. In this online game your aim is to draw the path and take the vehicle to its destination.

Pencil Racer is very creative game as you have to show your creativity here to draw the path and reach to your goal. If you draw the path improperly the vehicle might clash with the obstacles and you are going to lose the game. You can play it online whenever you want and obviously you will love this game. The graphical view of this game is very pleasing and it is really great to play. You should take the opportunity and enjoy this game as much as you want. Play the game right now and let your friends know about this wonderful game.