Defend The Tower from the Shade Hordes

Do you like playing strategy games? Do you like defending your base, your house, your property or whatever belongs to you? Then you will surely like playing tower defense games. One tower defense game you will enjoy is Defend the Tower. The shade hordes, you enemies in this game, have crossed from the plane of shadows. Your duty is to stop them and defend your tower and your city from the onslaught of the shade hordes.


Shoot the shade hordes to kill them. Point your mouse on them and left-click. The status bar shows your current level, your points, the tower’s health, the town’s health and how many enemies are left in the level. Points are used in upgrading. You can upgrade your city’s life, tower’s life, weapons, wall and others at the end of each level. Remember that every shade you let fall destroys your native land.


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